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Bras Do Not Work and Cause More Problems

The findings from a 15-year, longitudinal study of more than 300 women in France, suggest that breasts would gain more tone, and would support themselves, if no bra was used. Why? Bras appear to limit the growth of supporting breast tissues, leaving the breast to wither and degrade more quickly. In fact, women who stopped wearing bras experienced a 7mm lift in their nipples each year that they did not wear a bra, and bra-less women developed firmer breasts, and stretch marks faded. And, in direct opposition to the myth that the bra eases back pain for women with larger breasts, not wearing a bra actually eased the pain, while wearing a bra did not.

holy shit what have we done to ourselves

 This is a huge deal folks. We have literally been told that not wearing a bra is the worst thing a woman can do to herself. And I’ve always embraced that since I am a pretty big girl and I enjoy not having my knockers knocking around. But this….Well I don’t feel like I can go around outside without a bra, but I will from now on take it off at home (which i usually keep it on until bedtime) and where i’m comfortable…This really…is one of those things that changes everything.

as i read this aloud me and emma took off our bras

I almost never wear my bra at home. It’s uncomfortable and gives me shoulder/neck pains. I gotta wear it outside though because OH HEY NIPPLES. The damn thing also gave me an awful rash on my left side that lasted for over two weeks. This is apparently rather common, just never had it happen to me until now.


Reblogging for my gals
Everything I thought I knew about bras is a lie :U

What about running? Running down stairs? Big boobs and running down stairs braless don’t mix well. Not recommended.

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